Saturday, February 27, 2010

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad - The Spring Classic Opener!

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad live - watch it HERE.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mennonite Computer Hacker? Isn't that an Oxymoron?

Floyd, Floyd, Floyd... Trouble follows where ever you go. Now the French are after you for hacking into their computer network to steal info about your drug use during the Tour?!? What the hell!? Don't they realize you're a Mennonite? Unless the lab's firewall is the equivalent of wet toilet paper, I find it hard to believe that someone who's religious views force them to forgo technology would have the where-with-all to hack into a computer network. I know, Floyd's on Twitter. Well, my mom's on Facebook, but she still struggles with attaching a photo to an email. Hacking and tweeting are two totally different things - just sayin'...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


A friend of mine who crafts the most excellent blog, La Gazzetta Della Bici (if you aren't a reader, you owe it to yourself to check it out) has recently been contacted by the legal representation of one Lance Armstrong... Why would that happen. you ask? Well, the author of the aforementioned blog's name is Simon Lamb and he and some of his friends coined the term "LAMBSTRONG" as a parody of the ubiquitous LIVESTRONG brand. Check out the story here.

This is a great reminder that, no matter how rich and famous you are, you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. It's not like people are getting confused about which ____Strong is the cancer foundation and which is a joke.

Now all we need are some LAMBSTRONG rubber bracelets....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Sufferfest...

 Just finished up my first workout using The Sufferfest cycling training videos. It was tough and I'm definitely spent.  How tough? I'll get to that...

First a little background info. The Sufferfest is a series of download-able videos (well, currently they only have two that you can order, but a third is in the works) you can save to your computer, iPhone or iPod or replay from any other device you choose.  I purchased the video titled The Downward Spiral. It  consists of two sets of descending intervals with an equal recovery period after each effort. The video goes something like this 2 minutes at max effort, 2 minutes recovery, 1:45 max, 1:45 recovery, 1:30 max, 1:30 recovery, etc. all the way to :15. Then you get a 5 minute recovery, which trust me, you will need. Then it's back at it again.

What sets these apart from other work out videos? The most obvious thing is the race footage. The Downward Spiral incorporates footage from Paris-Roubaix and the Ronde van Vlaanderen as well as miscellaneous footage of some fast group ride. The coolest part is, a lot of the footage is filmed from first person view, which is awesome. The Spring Classics footage is highly motivating - nothing like trying to hold a wheel blasting through the Forest of Arenberg at 40 kilometers an hour... To anyone who's raced in a mass-start road race, just watching the break go up the road brings on a familiar feeling of anxiety and, in some instances, dread...

The music selection is suitable for the effort, and helps pump some adrenaline into an already maxed out effort.

Then there's the supers that flash on the screen. Sometimes offering encouragement, sometimes taunting, they always seem to eek out just a bit more effort out of burning quads and lungs.

The time went by very quickly (at least the recovery did...) Altogether, it was a great way to spend an hour on the trainer. I'm definitely going to get the other video that's available and I can't wait for future installments!

If you choose to get these videos (I recommend you do); I leave you with this one bit of advice: fear the horse whinny...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where can I get one of these?

 A Colnago sweatband... This picture is awesome on so many levels. Not only is this guy sporting the coolest headband I've ever seen but he's mitering the tubes of the most beautiful carbon fiber bike out there - the Colnago EPS. God knows, you don't want sweat running in your eyes doing delicate work like that. Especially on a frame that retails for over $5 grand...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cycling: A Numbers Game?

Over the last several decades, with the introduction of heart rate monitors and power meters, cycling prowess is becoming more and more quantifiable. Nowadays, it seems a cyclist's capacity for performance boils down to data points and stats, all neatly displayed on their handlebars.

As much as these tools have done for the advancement of the sport, they've also killed some of the mysticism and romance. I don't see anything inspirational about recounting a rider's wattage output on an epic break-a-way or a hors categorie climb. To me, it robs something from the accomplishment.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate all this data as a testament to the professional cyclist's incredible athletic abilities. But it doesn't take everything into account. There's heart, there's passion, there's unyielding discipline and dedication - none of these things can be measured but they can just as easily determine who stands on the podium and who does not.