Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's been a while since I've put fingers to keyboard to update the old blog. I don't really have a valid excuse. Lack of inspiration? Maybe. Or maybe it's that I don't have much cycling related stuff to report.

Training's been hard to come by, with roughly 4-6 hours on the bike per week, with the majority of that volume coming from weekend riding. I really want to be more consistent during the week, but time is a precious commodity, and my riding time is limited to either early AM (before 6 AM) or after 8 PM. Both times are less than ideal. But, if I want to do any road racing this year, I really need to be more consistent.

I also want to start incorporating some longer easy rides (3-4 hours). I like these longer rides, and if you have a few friends with you, there's nothing better. Also, I really want to race in the Tour of Kensington Valley Road Race this year, at just under 60 miles, it's my longest race of the season. If I don't have some longer rides under my belt by then, I may as well not even do it. Last year, it just about killed me and I was way ahead of where I am now.

The good news is, with my limited training time, I've been focusing more on my diet and actually dropped about 5 lbs from my racing weight from last year. I hope to drop another 5-10 lbs by September (just in time for cyclocross season!)

One other thing I've been focusing on is flexibility and core strength - These things really do make a difference. The few times I've been out on the road it was quickly apparent. I felt less aches and pains and felt more stable on the bike.

Maybe it comes down to overall fitness and not just on-the-bike time. That's probably a better way to look at it.

Other news: got my racing license in the mail, so that's taken care of. Now I just need to renew my club membership and I will have the administrative stuff taken care of...

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