Thursday, August 12, 2010


I got an awesome gift from my wife last Christmas. A set of Kreitler Rollers. To those not in the know, Kreitler makes some of the most amazing rollers on the market. They are smooth, durable and you can tell they were made with pride.

I've been riding them pretty consistently for the last seven months (past three months excluded) and I can honestly say, no indoor training aid has helped my cycling as much as these rollers.

Getting started on them was a bit of a challenge but once I got used to it, they really aren't that difficult. It does take a great deal of concentration though. If you let that concentration wane, you'll know it. Why, just yesterday morning I was reminded of that lesson as my front tire slid off the roller and onto the ground. I didn't fall, but it certainly shook the morning sleepies out of me...

Once you get out on the road, that's when you really notice the benefits. Things like a quiet upper body, a smoother spin, better balance and, probably the biggest thing for me, better and more confident bike handling skills all become apparent once you hit the tarmac.

Anyone who hasn't tried them, I encourage you to, it will make you a better cyclist.

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