Thursday, January 8, 2009

Icons of Cycling

There are things that are capable of conjuring powerful mental images and even eliciting an emotional response by their mere presence. I would consider these things Icons. They are commonplace in both religion and government and they even are prevalent in sports.

Nowhere is this more apparent t
han in the world of cycling. Cycling with all it's suffering and passion, has spawned it's own Icons. These things embody the spirit of the sport. Now, this list isn't all inclusive, and it's just one guy's opinion, but I think most would agree that these things have a place in the annals of cycling.

The Campagnolo Cycling Cap

Worn alone or under a helmet, always a classic. I personally prefer it in yellow or white but I've also seen them in black or blue. Hell, I like mine so much I've even worn it solely as a fashion accessory...

The Sidi shoe

The shoe that launched a thousand bicycles. Fine craftsmanship, well fitting, repairable and beautiful, what more could a cyclist ask for?

The Silca Pump

Every tire inflation with a Silca pump is like channeling the spirits of Bartali and Coppi. It's a classic, and it's also fully serviceable.

Castelli clothing

This was the brand of the first cycling jersey I ever purchased, it was blue and about 2 sizes too big (I didn't know that cycling clothing was supposed to be form fitting...) I think it was the logo that drew me to their brand initially. But it was their quality and decent price that kept me coming back.


Do I even need to explain myself with this one? Even knowing that a bike shop carries Colnago is enough to give it immediate street cred in my book. The logo alone evokes a carnal response. The Master-X-Light is a masterpiece.

Park Tools

They are ubiquitous. Can you even think of a time when you went into a bike shop and they didn't have a work bench strewn with Park Tools?

Velox (Fond de Jante) Rim Tape

Has an old school charm and still the best thing to protect your tube from spoke ends. A classic.

As I mentioned, this list is by no means all inclusive, they were things that were top of mind. As more come to mind, maybe I will do a part 2. Meanwhile, if you haven't tried some of these things, I can assure you they will more than just meet a need, they will enhance your cycling experience!
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