Tuesday, January 6, 2009


You gotta love the reunion. I'm not talking about some crappy high school get together where you laugh at all the football players who put on 100 lbs over the past 10 years... The reunion I'm talking about is that first ride on the road racing bike after an extended hiatus. For me the hiatus was a little over 4 months. This was mainly due to an overwhelming, all encompassing obsession with cyclocross and getting acquainted with my newest addition.

Last Saturday, the weather was chilly but the sun was out, it was long sleeve winter jersey, tights and a vest type of weather. I was feeling antsy and desperately needed to get outside. The roads were relatively dry... time to get out the road bike!! I filled up the tires, squirted a bit of lube on the chain and I was off.

Damn... It's amazing the efficiencies of a road bike, even with the first couple pedal revolutions, it's purpose is clear: pedal stroke = forward motion. No grass, mud, dirt, or sand sapping my momentum. Finally, the restraints of physics have been loosened!

As speed and cadence increase, my new found freedom manifests into burning quads and gasping lungs. In the end, my physical limitations keep me from total release. That will always be the case, but even a couple pedal turns closer to total freedom is motivation enough to keep training.

My ride lasts for about an hour. Just enough to mentally recharge, soak in some winter afternoon sun and to slightly frostbite my toes. It was a sweet reunion nonetheless. I have to say, as fun as the other cycling disciplines are, that feeling alone will never keep my road bike hanging up for long.

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