Monday, May 4, 2009

On the Way to Recovery

On my way to resolving my hamstring issues. After almost a week off the bike and lowering my saddle height by about 2 cm, my right leg is finally feeling better. Went for a easy 2.5 hours on Saturday and a very brisk paced 5 hours on Sunday and no hamstring issues!! I was beginning to worry that it might be touch and go all season.

Sunday's ride was a great one. Went out with Jan and Steve. It was one of those rides where it's freezing in the early AM, but warmed up nicely for the return trip home. I think the time off the bike refreshed me a bit because I was feeling so good that on the last 5 miles back to my house, I was actually doing some form sprints... I felt so fresh I probably could have ridden for another 2-3 hours and not over-extended myself. It was the kind of feeling I always hope for during a race but, alas, it always eludes me. If I could feel like that in a race, I'm sure I could win.

Who knows, maybe this is my year...

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