Saturday, May 8, 2010

Long Live Junk Miles

I got out for an hour and a half on Thursday. Just me, the Look, 60 degree temps and some of Southeast Michigan's finest roads (well, to those of you who live in the area, that last one is kinda a joke). I haven't thrown a leg over the old steed in a little over two weeks, so this was a long time coming. There is nothing like a nice ride by yourself to clear your head. No agenda, no program, no plans, the only thing dictating my effort was my own mood. I even ended up chatting with another cyclist as we made our way west and, in the process, discovered a couple new routes. That doesn't happen if you're on a "plan" or are sticking to a training regime.

This ride, by it's very definition, is what a lot of cyclists call "junk miles." I agree that the racing benefits of these unregimented rides may be debatable, but I think they are exactly what I needed mentally. And, as we all know, if you aren't up to par mentally, you won't be competitive. So, if you're feeling a little stale, I strongly encourage a spontaneous spin, break free from the fetters of your training program - your brain will thank you.

Long Live Junk Miles!!


  1. I take junk miles when I can get them. Some of my best rides have started out as junk miles!

  2. "Junk miles are the ones you miss if you don't ride." Scott Molina

    I actually think there is no such thing as junkmiles. They might hinder short term fitness development if you do them instead of more intense workouts. However, longterm I think you profit from them. It's easier to maintain a higher fitness level for longer and your body becomes more efficient at riding which helps at any speed and may prevent injuries.


  3. I thought my 10 mile commute would be nice enjoyable junk miles. I was wrong, they are enjoyable and I have great base to the tune of 4000+ miles a year.