Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're Damn Right I got the Blues!

That pretty much sums it up. My cyclocross season is over and blues legend Buddy Guy said it best, "You're damn right I got the blues." It was my very first season and I've loved every minute of it. From the first time I straddled my mountain bike and rode in the local practice race, to my somewhat comedic performance at States (6 in. of snow + Gary's poor bike handling skills = comedy), cyclocross racing has found it's way into my soul. It's like some place I always belonged. I hate labels, but I guess you could say I'm primarily a road cyclist. I love it but 'cross just feels right unlike any other cycling discipline I've tried.

And now that the season is done, I feel empty. 'Cross racing has left a void. How to fill it? Here are some of my feeble attempts:
  • Blogging
  • Subscribed to Cyclocross Magazine and ordered all the back order issues
  • Continually looking for an amazing deal on some carbon rims (tubulars)
  • Although it makes me a bit envious, long talks with my training buddy about all the stuff he's upgrading on his bike
  • Surfing the web for anything 'cross related - I think all of the sites I've found are listed below to the right - anyone have any other good sites/blogs let me know!!
  • Reading other folks blogs - a special shout out to Mud and Cowbells for the excellent 'cross content and photos
Any one got any other tips to fight the cyclocross season blues, I'd welcome them. I'm like a cyclocross-philic sponge and anything I can absorb to help fill the void, would be much appreciated.

In the meantime, if anyone else is feeling like me, here's about 9 minutes of this year's World Cup race at Pijnacker. So grab a Duvel and your favorite cowbell and enjoy. This should at least sate the 'cross beast for a little while!
World Cup - Pijnacker

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  1. I will never forget you yelling at me at Waterford to not say anything to you because you kept recking!!