Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Nice Change of Pace

Today, I decided to do a fairly easy 20 miles in lieu of my club's spring training series. In part due to a scheduling conflict with my wife and partly because I felt like I pushed it too damn hard last week. It's going to be a long season and I gotta remember not to kill myself the first race I get into. So, I went out early this AM and set about to do my usual route. This time though, I took a chance on a new route just to check it out. Wow, did that make a big difference! I didn't even realize how stale my "usual" was getting until I took a chance on something new. This new route led me past a quaint cider mill (good to remember come fall) as well as a lovely lake. Scenic, low traffic and fairly decent roads, what else could a guy ask for? Well, since the thermometer indicated a balmy 34 degrees with 20 mph winds, I could ask for some freaking warmer weather!! But other than that, it was an excellent ride - there was even a hill or two thrown in there (folks that live in a vertically challenged area like Michigan know what I'm talking about).

Tomorrow I'm planning on a good 3-4 hours with some friends so I'm looking forward to that.

Oh, that and De Ronde van Vlaanderen is on Versus at 5 PM eastern time so I'll be watching that for sure! Go Boonen!

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