Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Premium Denim and Cycling

Why, George, why??

George Hincapie has brought these worlds together with his line of designer denim jeans. This is no joke, the hyperlink goes to the site and a screen grab of the website is below.

I'm speechless... More than anything though, I'm a bit disappointed and embarrassed for Big George.

I have always cheered for George when he was taking on the Spring Classics. I've mourned his defeats like in the 2001 Paris-Roubaix when he was severely outnumbered in the final break and Domo Farm Frites wore him down with their relentless attacks. I've also rejoiced his triumphs, like at Ghent-Wevelgem that same year. I think one of the things that makes George so easy to support is that he's the eternal underdog. Everybody loves the underdog.

George has that unassuming lack of arrogance that, even if he's favored to win, he never acts like it's in the bag. Maybe it's quiet confidence (or a total lack of it), who knows. Being more of the quiet sort myself, I always felt I could relate to him.

This jeans thing seems so out of character... I could see someone like Mario Cipollini (hell, maybe he already has a denim line) or even the mulleted Laurent Brochard. But George? I justify it in my mind that some cheesy California PR-type pushed him into it and he was too nice to say no.

Sorry George. Classics Hardman to Designer denim?? It's just too much.

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